Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nauvoo Field Trip Reflection

My favorite part of the trip was the rope making because I never knew how they made rope and i thought it was cool that they used plant fiber to make it. Something new I learned was that they would store candles in a box underground and that they would put straw with the candles. I also learned that in 1 day they could make 200 candles and I thought that was crazy. The Mormons moved west because they were being persecuted for their religion. I thought that is was interesting that the Mormons din't fight back against the people who wanted them to leave. I would want to go to the gunsmith and probably learn about how they made the guns back then because I think it would be cool to see if today we still use some of the same ways that they hunted back then.


  1. I thought that it was also amazing how they could make around 200 candles a day!

  2. I guess the Mormons were a peaceful people who didn't want to add to the fighting. It would be a good thing to investigate and find more out about. On another note, I can't imagine having to be responsible for MAKING everything that you wanted to use. If you didn't make enough candles, you wouldn't have light! If you didn't make enough bread, you wouldn't eat. I completely take it for granted that I can just go to the store and buy what I need!

  3. Imagine even making that many candles in one day! I think that you did a great job giving details about everything, especially about why the Mormons had to travel west.


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