Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hannibal Reflection

       Starting out with the field trip, we went to the Boyhood Home and Museum. We went through several different houses of Tom's friends, and his own. Then we went to another Mark Twain Museum. After that, we went up to a lighthouse that had around 250 steps. We then went to an area with a few benches, and ate lunch there. After we ate, we went on a riverboat and went around on the Mississippi river. We then headed over to the Mark Twain caves.After the caves, we went to a few shops, and then headed home.
       I think that the work in class helped us get some background knowledge on Mark Twain, before we went on the trip to Hannibal. I think it also helped us to be a little more interested in Mark Twain.
       Something I learned on the riverboat, was that as a pilot he picked up the name Mark Twain. I also learned that he got his license when he was 23.
       One of the interesting things I learned from the Boyhood Museum is that children would play outside all day, because their houses were quite small. Another thing I learned, was that Tom and Becky lived right by each other.
       Something I learned from Nathan, is that Jesse James hid out inside of the cave. Several others say that Jesse James was in their cave but only 2 others, besides the Mark Twain cave can prove it. Another thing I learned, was that Injun Joe's body is buried outside of the cave, in the book.
       My favorite part of the day, was easily the caves. It was really cool how so many people had wrote their names in the caves. It also was cool just how the cave had formed over millions of years.
       The part that I thought was the most fun, was the epic view from the light house. I didn't enjoy the walk, but the view was really amazing.
       If I could change one thing, I would just make the weather a little cooler.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

History Day Reflection

       Our project was the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. This is a treaty about preventing the spreading and the overall use of Nuclear weapons. It also aims to prevent any type of Nuclear Weapons from being shared.  Our category that we picked for this project was Documentary.  For this category we had to use iMovie to make a film that was shorter than 10 minutes.
       I agree with what most of the judges said except for one part. I disagree with what the judge said about the teacher not being able to help, because she wasn't doing anything at all to assist us while the Documentary was playing.
       I would say the most interesting thing that we learned about our topic, was that this treaty was the most signed Arms/Weapons treaty in existence. This is pretty cool because only 5 countries in the world have not signed it.
       The hardest part of our project was probably doing the editing for our iMovie. This took a very long time and was also very complicated. We had to work every day in class for about 2 weeks just to get it done.
       I would say I improved a lot as a learner and a student on this project, because it really opened me up to the whole idea of learning more about history, and actually wanting to learn more about history. I also improved as a student because a lot of the skills I learned, like film editing, annotations, and doing a bunch of research, will help me out on many projects in the future.
       I think we could improve our project by making the pictures for our documentary more relevant to what we are speaking about. Another way I think we could improve is by speaking clearer. We also could have definitely improved our annotations a lot.
       What I was most proud of with our project was the end result of producing a film and getting our annotations done.
       I think the experience of making a project overall, is just a great experience. I probably wouldn't change anything about this project, because I feel like it is already quite meaningful.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My One Word

My one word is "Exploration". I chose this as my one word because I like exploring new things and I always want to learn new things. I also like trying new things depending on what that new thing is. The main reason I chose this word is that I overall explore new things.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Iowa State OPPTAG Experience Reflection

The first class I took in Track I was Protect the Pringle. In that class we were given 5 pieces of paper, tape, and a pringle. Then we had to protect the pringle. We did the challenge again but with only 3 pieces of paper. My second class was called There's Science In My Food. In that class we combined milk and vinegar together to make cheese curds. We also got to try some different types of cheese. I learned the most from the Virtual Reality session. I learned a lot about how people make Virtual Reality they made the C6. One of the things I learned about the university is that it took 50,000 bricks to make their clock tower. The most fun part of the day was touring the campus and seeing a lot of the buildings. One of the things that would have improved the experience would be not having to wake up at 4:00 am. I think we did this so we could see what college is actually like.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Independent Project Reflection 2017

My project was on Duct Tape. I chose this for my project because I use Duct Tape quiet a bit and I didn't know anything about Duct Tape, and I wanted to learn more about it. One of the coolest things I learned about Duct Tape was that people have been using it since World War 2. some of the things I still want to learn about this topic are how many different types of Duct Tape that are in the world. I chose to do a Google Slide for my project because I have used it before and I'm familiar with it. One of the things that I would improve on my project is having less text on my slides. One of my favorite things about my project was how I had examples at the end of some things people have made with Duct Tape.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

 DWA 9/6/17
 I think that imagination is more important than knowledge because you can imagine anything you want but there is a limit on what you can know. There is no limit on what you can imagine. I also think that imagination can make you happier.

DWA 9/8/17
I think that what it means to talk less and say more means to say important things and don't just talk about stuff that is not important. Also don't just chatter or talk about white noise.

Hannibal Reflection

       Starting out with the field trip, we went to the Boyhood Home and Museum. We went through several different houses of Tom's frien...